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OCTOFUZZ - Stoner & Desert Rock

Octofuzz - Stoner Rock
Auferstanden aus den Tiefen des Ozeans, durchdringen fette Gitarrenriffs und groovige Beats Mark und Bein, welche die Freunde des staubigen Stoner Rock auf ihre Kosten kommen lässt. Mal brachial zu Gange, mal in Improvisationen abdriftend schafft es der Octofuzz sein Publikum in den Bann zu ziehen ohne dabei seine Herkunft zu leugnen. Gegründet hat sich die Band aus Erfurt vor 2 Jahren und macht jetzt mit ihrem aktuellem Set die Runde durch die Lande. Freut euch auf einen Sound der die Haare wehen und die Füße nicht stillstehen lässt!



Gemeinsam mit dem Rocksteady Lions e.V. gestalten wir ein 2-Tages-Festival im Grünen an der Papiermühle Jena. Der erste Tag widmet sich dem Stoner-, Psychedelic- und Progrock. Am 2. Tage gibt es dann ordentlich Ska und Reggae auf die Ohren.
Wann: 05.06.2020 & 06.06.2020
Wo: Auf dem Gelände der Papiermühle Jena, Erfurter Straße 102, 07743 Jena
Mit dabei sind unter anderem:
... is a genre-pushing rock band that melds heavy psychedelic sounds with progressive elements and evocative soundscapes. Formed in a small coastal town in Massachusetts in the mid aughts, the band has reinvented their sound over the course of five albums to grow from a stalwart of the stoner/doom scene into one of the most unique voices in the rock underground. Their long-scale compositions unfold as journeys, running the gamut of styles from the 70’s to the present within a single song with a penchant for “sheer gatefold-era grandeur” (Rolling Stone).
By continuing to incorporate new elements to their sound, Elder’s output has repeatedly set benchmarks for their peers. Beginning with 2008’s Elder and 2010’s Dead Roots Stirring, Elder made ripples in the stoner rock scene with their uniquely melodic approach to the genre. In 2015 they surprised again with Lore, a watershed moment in the band’s career (recently crowned “Album of the Decade” by The Obelisk) which brought in elements of post-, prog- and space rock into the Elder sound. Despite several years of heavy touring surrounding the album, Reflections of a Floating World was released just two years later, earning a spot at the top of many best-of lists including Rolling Stone (#5, 20 Best Metal Albums Of 2017), Stereogum and others.
In 2019, a tour pitstop in Berlin, Germany yielded the experimental EP The Gold & Silver Sessions. Recorded live based off ideas largely crafted while on the road, the release showcased Elder’s softer side; motorik beats, lush keyboards and sparse compositions replaced the usual colossal riffs and dense structure. Almost a decade and a half after the first sludgy riffs were recorded and the first demo pressed, the door for Elder stylistically remained wide open.
Elder’s new album Omens answers any speculation about new directions with affirmation: evolution or extinction. Lush, intricately interwoven melodies grow and dissolve into spaced-out jams; massive riffs thunder down into a churning sea of psychedelic sounds and unpredictable grooves carry away the listener. Elder paint pictures with their music, and Omens shows the band experimenting with an even more colorful palette – with good reason. After thirteen years, this is the first full-length recorded with a new lineup including guitarist Michael Risberg and new drummer Georg Edert, along with guest performances by Fabio Cuomo on Rhodes piano and synthesizers.
Lore (Full Album)
... ist acid. Die Mischung von Psych, Kraut und westafrikanischen Einflüssen sind der sound des düsseldorfer / aschaffenburger Kollektivs. Seit der Gründung führten verschiedene reisen in den Nahen Osten, den Kongo, nach Burkina Faso und an die amerikanische Westküste. Spuren dieser musikalischen Epizentren finden sich in ihrer Musik wieder. SIRKUS kombiniert die Djembe mit elektronik, blues mit marokkanischen gnaua-rhythmen und schafft daraus eine rollende, aber immer auch zerbrechliche Klangwelt. Im mai 2015 veröffentlichte die Gruppe ihre debut lp DREAM FACTORY. Das Album THE NOISE OF TIME erschien im April 2018 bei nasoni records (berlin).
Goldmine of Truth
Mehr Infos zum Open Air und Vorverkauf bald hier!


Lonely Kamel & Atomic Peat

18.10.2020 | ROSENKELLER
Vibra-Booking & Rosenkeller e.V. Jena pres.:
Lonely Kamel (NOR)
Einlass: 17 Uhr
Start: 18 Uhr
VVK 13,00€ zzgl. Geb.
AK 18,00€
Lonely Kamel are authentic, they let their emotions run wild.They dont need leather jackets and boots, the leather of their fingertips can be felt in their hard riffs. Vintage as fuck. Guitarist Thomas Brenna torments the steel sides, bassist Stian Helle pounds his, while Espen Nesset is working on his drum kit. A spacey, a psychedelic, a bluesy, a stony, a monstrous sound comes out of the speakers as a result when the fifth album "Deaths-Head Hawkmoth" blows loudly from the Norwegians. For almost 15 years and 5 albums, the Norwegians LONELY KAMEL have been part of the sprawling vintage rock movement, which internalize the sixties fuzz and especially the seventies zeppelin rock.In the case of "Deaths-Head Hawkmoth" the result sounds robust, authentic and varied. There the lap steel guitar is also unpacked, the opening song layers guitar walls in the Wall of Sound style on top of each other and the following "Psychedelic Warfare" shows how an ass kicking groove a la Queens Of The Stone Age can rock psychedelically nebulized, then roll down cumbersome retro doom. The powerful vocals are similar to Josh Homme and do the rest of the positive recognition. The groove in particular is always reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, the stoner moments are influenced by Kyuss, a dash of Cream, Karma To Burn and Jimi Hendrix and the catchy brew by Lonely Kamel is ready. After successful touring with Bands like Mirror Queen, Brant Bjork & 1000Mods, they are ready for their headline tour and new material & classix for the audience.
Second band on your stage as european support of L.K. is ATOMIC PEAT (members of IRON WALRUS)